Every second annulment wrong: always check notices

Wednesday, 22.10.14 , written by Christian Hafler According to the NDR, the Federal Association of Pension Consultants assumes that every second pension decision is wrong. Especially pensioners are affected East because the information from the DDR-SV cards are often transmitted incorrectly. Pension notices should therefore always be checked. But beware: overpaid pension may need to be  

Falsche Rentenbescheide: Jeder zweite Rentner erhält falsche Rente

Pay attention to time details and numbers when making a pension

A payer is enough, already the pension notice is wrong . According to the NDR every second pension notice is faulty. For example, lost working days are not counted and parts of the earnings are not recognized. Especially former East German citizens should check whether the information in the pension notice with those in the GDR social security card identity . Were the voluntary supplementary pension or special care provided? If the data on the decision differ from your own, there is a high probability that the pension certificate is wrong. Affected then receive too little or too much pension.

Wrong pension decision: submit application for examination before the end of the year

The Federal Association of Pension Consultants gives those affected two important tips. On the one hand, they should submit a request for detailed examination of their pension notice no later than the end of the year. If it reaches the competent institution before the end of the year, it will be recalculated retrospectively for the last five years, repaid for the last 4 years. On the other hand, it is advisable to check the pension information even before retirement . Not only can errors be located, but it may also be time to counteract a deficiency.

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Pension notice wrong: check insurance periods

When reviewing the pension notice , it is important, among other things, to ensure that all periods of insurance have been taken into account. Women who gave birth to their children before 1992 are now entitled to 24 months’ insurance periods as part of the mother’s pension. In addition, check that all numerical values ​​and times are correct. Here, fast payer can creep in when transferring the data . The crediting of their training periods should take a closer look at retirees.

Pension fund can reclaim overpaid indefinite pension

It is worthwhile not only because of any additional payments to examine the pension notice for possible errors. ZDF WISO is currently describing a case in which a person affected by the German Pension Insurance should repay 30,000 euros , because the pension decision in his favor turned out. Since he had not read the pension notice sufficiently, he is also accused of gross negligence, so that a lawsuit against the repayment request has been dismissed.

Respect deadlines for opposition

Anyone who thinks their pension is wrong can object within four weeks of receiving the notice, while retirees living abroad have three months. Deutsche Rentenversicherung provides a template on its website.

For repayments, unlike for back payments, the limitation period of four years does not apply. Retirees can therefore reclaim too little pension only for a maximum of four years, while the pension fund to overpaid money can “reclaim indefinite”, said ZDF WISO.

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Christian Hafler

editorial staff

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