Current Account Comparison 2015: Rip-off with the discretionary interest

Tuesday, 18.08.15 , written by Bernd Lauberg When selecting the right current account, the amount of the dispo fee is decisive in addition to account management fees and credit interest. But a recent current account comparison 2015 by Stiftung Warentest shows that many banks still intransparent deal with the disclosure of the interest rate. No wonder, with disbursement interest of up to 16 percent. > Girokonto Vergleich 2015: Banken tricksen bei Dispozinsen Stumbling trap Dispozins: In individual cases, it is up to 16 percent

Consumers should not renounce a checking account comparison in 2015. Otherwise, account owners may find it expensive to choose the wrong offer . After all, some banks literally gamble on customers when they lose out on their current account. Up to 16 percent is the dispozins . The Stiftung Warentest found out in a recent test (Finanztest issue 09/2015).

For the result, the consumer advocates had to vigorously pursue the financial institutions. Only about one-fifth of the 1,400 banks surveyed provided transparent information on demand by e-mail about the amount of the dispensation. With more than 1,000 providers, the testers had to research the Internet or inquire locally.

Compared to 2015, interest rates: from 4.49 to 16 percent, everything possible

Compared to last year, the 2015 discretionary rates have increased again in the top . In the past survey, the highest interest rate for overdrawing the checking account was 14.25 percent. The front runners at that time were the Raiffeisenbank Weil and surroundings as well as Volksbank Westenholz. On the other hand, the Deutsche Skatbank offered much better conditions, with the dispozins not even five percent . For the current account comparison 2015 is now again the interest rate of the test winner from 2014 of interest. The most favorable are the disbursing donations Stiftung Warentest according to:

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Current Account Comparison 2015: Big banks are not convincing when it comes to disbursing

Persons who regularly lose their current account and are a customer of Raiffeisenbank Trostberg-Traunreut should think about a change. Because the overdraft of the account can be well paid the bank depending upon creditworthiness of the customer with a Dispozins of up to 16 per cent. The VR Bank Saarpfalz (13.9 percent) as well as the Volksbank Kierspe and Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Oberbayern Südost (both 13.75 percent) are among the most expensive banks in Germany .

There is hardly any saving potential for supra-regional financial institutions with the most current accounts. Depending on the account model or credit rating, the dispoins for the Targobank, for example, are between 7.79 and 12.75 percent. The provider is thus among the competitors Commerzbank (9.25 to 11.25 percent), Deutsche Bank (7.95 to 10.95 percent) and Postbank (9.08 to 10.95 percent) at the same time the cheapest and most expensive lenders.

“Cheaper than an expensive credit line is often a installment loan. Currently favorable interest rates for a quarterly loan of 5,000 euros start at 2.99 percent per year. “

Financial test 09/2015

Discretionary interest rates have fallen on average – Some banks continue to be intransparent

According to the financial test, a fair disputes “in times when banks can hardly pay interest rates to savers and can raise money even at the lowest interest rates, would have to be well below ten percent .” But many financial institutions still owe this. However , it is positive that the average disbursement rates have fallen by 0.4 percentage points compared to 2014 and only eleven instead of 35 banks are demanding disbursements of 13 percent or more. Nevertheless, the lack of transparency remains negative . For 56 banks financial test suspected a violation of the price regulation. Because with information such as “reference rate + 11%” consumers can hardly do something.

Current Account Comparison 2015: Pay attention to fees and interest

For the personal checking account comparison 2015, it is advisable not only to consider the account with a low disbursement . Because the Stiftung Warentest shows in a sample calculation that an account with low interest rates but a high account price within one year is more expensive than a checking account with higher disbursements and a low account management fee. An individual current account comparison is therefore useful.

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